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COVID-19 and the End of the Rainbow Foundation’s Response

Please read our home page but group services are suspended until the COVID lock-down situation changes.

WTR-Affirm Campaign

Group and Support Services

We offer peer support groups, supports to settle, and support for refugee hearings in the Calgary area. The Welcoming Spaces Project is based on peer support provided by LGBTQ+ people given to LGBTQ+ people to encourage positive mental health and well being oriented toward improving socio-economic conditions for all. We do this by encouraging everyone in the general public, new and long-time Canadians, to live well together in all of the services that we provide.

Support Groups for LGBTQ+ People

LGBTQ+ Newcomers Group


TransFamilies Calgary

Positive Spaces

PFLAG Calgary

True Colours

One-to-One Support

Get One-to One Support

Get One-to One Support

Appointment for one-to-one support can be arranged at :

  • Downtown: CommunityWise Resource Centre, Room 211, 223 12 Avenue S.W. T2R 0G9 (by appointment).

LGBTQ+ immigrants and refugees can receive support services to move and settle in Canada by contacting:

Support for Refugee Hearings

Get Support with Your Refugee Hearing

Get Support with Your Refugee Hearing

We can also assist with your refugee hearing to specifically address LGBTQ+ issues in your file.

If you would like to make an appointment or need more information, then please email:

Calgary Rainbow Railroad Station

Get Settled as a Refugee Claimant

Create a Welcoming Space

Open a Support Group with End of the Rainbow Foundation

New Support Group Applications

Do you want to start a new group in Calgary? We can help. Simply email a proposal to with your idea.

Support groups offered as a part of the foundation and supported by the foundation through its coaching, volunteer support, by offering space, financial support, and through partnership development.

For your idea to be included as one of our support groups, it must fit clearly within our mandate and the foundation’s objects. Groups are volunteer run by End of the Rainbow Foundation volunteers, supported by professionals, and must follow policies of the foundation.

Make your Organization Welcoming

Scan and Improve your Organization to Become Welcoming

Do you want to make your organization a welcoming and nurturing place for LGBTQ+ people? Contact the Foundation to help you conduct an organizational scan and create an improvement plan toward celebrating LGBTQ+ people. Simply email to get started.

Train to Become Welcoming

Training Seminars Tailored to Your Needs

Do you want training to encourage your organization and colleagues to be welcoming and nurturing for LGBTQ+ people? Contact the Foundation to help you organize introductory training, LGBTQ+ welcoming interview skills, UNHCR and Canadian SOGIE guidelines for professionals, and more. Simply email request training.