Support Services

We offer peer support groups, supports to settle, and support for refugee hearings in the Calgary area. The Welcoming Spaces Project is based on peer support provided by LGBTQ+ people given to LGBTQ+ people to encourage positive mental health and well being oriented toward improving socio-economic conditions for all. We do this by encouraging everyone in the general public, new and long-time Canadians, to live well together in all of the services that we provide.

We are located at CommunityWise Resource Centre, Room 211, 223 12 Avenue S.W. and can be reached by phone at (403) 262-4068.

Support Groups for LGBTQ+ People

LGBTQ+ Newcomers Group

We create events to meet one another.

Calgary lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other sexually diverse  refugees and immigrants are welcome to attend meet-up and conversation groups.

Meet-ups and workshops are open to ALL LGBTQ+ Newcomers: refugee claimants, refugees, permanent residents & their friends and supporters. Some meetings are at fun locations around the city, so please check dates and locations.

For more information click on the group web page.


The first Sunday and third Friday of every month.

TransJourneys is a drop-in group that provides peer support, education, and resources for the transgender community in and around Calgary. This group is open to all who are transgender, including those who are non-binary, intersex, or questioning their gender identity. We welcome and support all people in the transgender community, whether long-time residents or new arrivals in Canada. Come join us to get support, give support, ask questions, or just listen. This is one of the places you can be yourself!

This group is for people who are eighteen years of age or older. New members are welcome to bring a friend or family member to their first meeting for support. We do not have a dress code, please come in whatever you feel comfortable.

For more information click on the group web page.

TransFamilies Calgary

The third Wednesday of every month.

This group is exclusively for parents and adult family members of trans identified individuals. It is an adult only group 18+

We offer peer support, resources and a community that understands your journey. The objective of the group is to enable you to affirm and support your loved one’s transition.

For more information click on the group web page.

Positive Spaces

The first Friday of every month at 7:00 pm.

Positive Spaces is a social group for individuals who identify as transgender, transitioning from male to female, transitioning female to male, intersex, non-binary or questioning their gender identity. It is a positive space where they can bring a supportive friend or partner where they can bring a supportive friend or partner.

It is a safe space where individuals can engage with each other socially in a safe environment while gaining confidence needed to socialize in more public places.

For more information click on the group web page.

True Colours

The last Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm.

True Colors is a social & support group for lesbian, gay, transexual, bisexual, pansexual, non-binary, two-spirits, queer folks, and LGBTQ+ Newcomers to hold space for our community to thrive, support, and empower one another. We curate fun, immersive, activity-based events & social gatherings to engage with people face to face and foster friendships.

This will be a space free of racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, ableism, xenophobia, transphobia, and judgment. This group is supported by End of the Rainbow Foundation.

Groups are annouced to those who join the True Colours mailing list. Please inquire at

For more information click on the group web page.

Crafting Connections

The second Thursday and the third Sunday of every month.

Crafting Connections is an in-person group that combines peer support and crafting in a positive and welcoming environment. The group is open to all 2SLGBTQ+ people who are 18+. No crafting experience is required to participate, and some supplies are available.

The group meets on the third Sunday of each Month. Please note that the group has a 30-people limit.

For more information, please click here

One-to-One Support

Calgary LGBTQ+ Refugee Centre

Appointments for one-to-one support can be arranged at :

  • Downtown: CommunityWise Resource Centre, Room 211, 223 12 Avenue S.W. T2R 0G9 (by appointment).

LGBTQ+ immigrants and refugees can receive support services to move and settle in Canada by contacting:, or by calling (403) 262-4086.  

During COVID-19, virtual appointments are also possible if you do not feel safe meeting in person.

Formed with the generous support of the Chinook Lesbian and Gay Fund, the Calgary Foundation, and the United Way.

Tax Clinics

The End of the Rainbow Foundation in partnership with Calgary Outlink, is currently offering a FREE tax clinic for the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The clinic is an initiative through the Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP), and helps ensure eligible individuals receive the benefits they are entitled to.   If you have a simple tax situation, trained volunteers can prepare and e-file your return while you wait.

Filing taxes can often be difficult and overwhelming, meaning that many people are not up to date with their yearly filing. Volunteers can assist people with this by preparing returns for the current year (2021) as well as outstanding returns up to 10 years in the past.

The Canada Revenue Agency filing deadline is April 30, however the tax clinic will be in operation year-round.  Appointments can be made by emailing Elliot (he/him) at

Support for Refugee Hearings

Get Support with Your Refugee Hearing

We can also assist with your refugee hearing to specifically address LGBTQ+ issues in your file.

If you would like to make an appointment or need more information, then please email:

Calgary Rainbow Railroad Station

Get Settled as a Refugee Claimant

The Calgary Rainbow Railroad Station is a partnership project with the Centre for Newcomers, Rainbow Railroad from Toronto, and End of the Rainbow Foundation to assist refugees to settle in Canada after they are assisted by the Rainbow Railroad, UNHCR, or Canadian Government to flee unsafe countries. We help to create sponsorship groups, find housing or shelter, food, clothing, language training, career development, and all the other things that you will need to get established in Calgary.

If you would like to make an appointment or need more information, then please email:

Formed with the generous support of Rainbow Railroad, The Centre for Newcomers, and the Affirming Network of Faith Communities.

Create a Welcoming Space

New Support Group Applications

Do you want to start a new group in Calgary? We can help. Simply email a proposal to with your idea.

Support groups offered as a part of the foundation and supported by the foundation through its coaching, volunteer support, by offering space, financial support, and through partnership development.

For your idea to be included as one of our support groups, it must fit clearly within our mandate and the foundation’s objects. Groups are volunteer run by End of the Rainbow Foundation volunteers, supported by professionals, and must follow policies of the foundation.

Scan and Improve your Organization to Become Welcoming

Do you want to make your organization a welcoming and nurturing place for LGBTQ+ people? Contact the Foundation to help you conduct an organizational scan and create an improvement plan toward celebrating LGBTQ+ people. Simply email to get started.

Training Seminars Tailored to Your Needs

Do you want training to encourage your organization and colleagues to be welcoming and nurturing for LGBTQ+ people? Contact the Foundation to help you organize introductory training, LGBTQ+ welcoming interview skills, UNHCR and Canadian SOGIE guidelines for professionals, and more. Simply email to request training.