About Us

Our mission is to improve socioeconomic conditions for people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities or expressions (SOGIE) by providing innovative education, support programs, and research.

Our vision is to fully welcome and nurture SOGIE people into Canadian life so that they become contributing members of our society.

Our services are driven by a strength and resilience approach. We believe that all people of sexually diverse people are inherently strong and resilient. Our services are orientated toward ensuring that people’s basic needs, belonging and relation needs are addressed. When these are met, then the foundation for attainment of greater personal goals and self-sufficiency is established and people can be encouraged to achieve their dreams. We reject damage-based models that stereotype sexually diverse people as not able to strive toward, or do not value the importance of, strength and resiliency in their their lives. We strive to partner with service providers and organizations with a similar philosophy.

We are run by a small volunteer board of directors and rely on volunteers for all of our service activities. If you wish to get involved, then please apply to volunteer, click here.

We are a not-for-profit organization incorporated under the Companies Act of Alberta. We are a Registered Charity as a Private Foundation with Charitable Registration Number: 74824 1882 RR0001.

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