Our Work

Our key work connects sexually diverse (SOGIE) people to volunteers to create: support groups and mentorship; match convention refugees to sponsor groups or ‘groups of five’; and  provide language, employment, other training or educational services.

Currently, we only offer support services in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Support Services. The Foundation will support SOGIE individuals in Canada to improve their socio-economic conditions by providing directly, or if we cannot provide the service, through referrals to other community and service organizations that can provide the requested service:

Education. We are dedicated to increasing educating the public about all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions (SOGIE) in the community through educational, cultural, and human rights classes, seminars and workshops.

About activism and advocacy. We do not do advocacy work or involve ourselves in activism. If you must protest about any issue, propose changes to any law, wish to change organizations or their structure, support specific political candidates or parties, etc., then of course you have the right to do these all these activities, but the End of the Rainbow Foundation cannot be involved.

About applying for grants. We do not accept applications for grants or funding and instead provide direct services or support volunteers to provide community support.

We are a Registered Charity as a Private Foundation with Charitable Registration Number: 74824 1882 RR0001.

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