Gay Bomb Giveaway

If between August 1 and November 30, 2019 you support the YYCRR station to a value of $200 or more, then you may be chosen to answer a skill testing question to win the last Gay Bomb.

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For each additional $100 donation beyond an initial $200 support, you will receive an additional qualification to be asked for a skill testing question. The Gay Bomb will be given to the first person asked and who correctly answers the skill testing question. If you are incorrect in the answer another person will be asked until the correct answer is obtained.

Possibly Your Gay Bomb

“Sir Elton John and I have art from the same collection” could be your new go-to conversation starter! In 2010 Bee Kingdom Art Glass created five “Gay Bombs” to commemorate one of the US Military’s most fabulously bizarre proposals for a chemical weapon — a “gay bomb” (see below for a description of the military project). In 2011, while performing in Calgary, a piece of the collection was purchased by Sir Elton John. We understand that the Gay Bomb purchased by the legendary Pianoman is on display in his home. The last of Bee Kingdom’s Gay Bombs will be given away to one identified supporter of the Calgary Rainbow Railroad Station. The Gay Bomb series has been received with widespread attention and acclaim over the years and the piece that you could own is valued at $5,000.

5 Bombs on Display at the Genbow Museum

The US Military Gay Bomb Project. The history behind the art work is that the US Military’s actually proposed a chemical weapon that would cover enemy troups with hormones that could purportedly turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals and make them more interested in having sex with one another rather than fighting. Yes, true. Just see the following:

About the Artisits

The End of the Rainbow Foundation acknowledges and thanks Bee Kingdom Glass (BKG) for their wonderful donation. BKG is comprised of Ryan Fairweather and Phillip Bandura and is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They’ve been a glassblowing team since 2002.

BKG is known for the colourful and playful approach to their glassworks. You might consider BKG as the Nintendo of the glassblowing world. Their focus is on approachable, cute art exhibitions and installations that bring out the joy and inner child in the viewer. BKG has exhibited, lectured, and collaborated, throughout the years in Berlin, Istanbul, Athens, Monterrey, Calgary and even Winnipeg.

BKG was awarded Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 as well as the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award in 2010. They have been published in several books including the Pictoplasma Character Art encyclopedia and the New Artisans 2 by Olivier Dupon. BKG has exhibited, lectured, and collaborated, throughout the years in Berlin, Istanbul, Athens, Monterrey, Calgary and even Winnipeg. Their work has been collected and resides in private residences throughout the world and some work even rests in the child’s room of one of Elton John’s homes.

Bee Kingdom Glass offers glassblowing classes, corporate gifting, and often hosts glassblowing events at their studio where you can watch them at work and collect their glasswork.