End of the Rainbow Donation Centre

Our Location

You may pick up or donate items at:

The End of the Rainbow Donation Centre, 223 12 Avenue S.W., Entrance to right of the main stairs

Picking Items Up

For refugees, evacuees, and people receiving our services, we do not charge for any items you take away. For everyone else we ask for a donation to the foundation to help us with the costs of managing donation items.

Hours are:

11am to 7pm Monday to Friday

10am to 6pm on Saturdays

Closed Sunday

Donating Household Items and Clothing

We don’t pick up or deliver any donated item.

If you are also interested in donating household items, then please read the donation criteria below before coming to the donation centre. It is best to call ahead to let us know when and what you are dropping off.

Please note that End of the Rainbow Foundation does not have space for storing furniture, appliances, mattresses, or bikes. Instead we will accept your pledge of furniture, then match this to a refugee’s need. We can then let you know where and when the donation can be delivered directly to the refugee.

A better option for larger items is to visit the Women in Need Society, see https://www.winsyyc.ca/shop

Items that do not meet the criteria below will not be accepted and you will be asked to take them back with you. All items that do not meet the criteria below and left at the centre will be placed in the garbage.

What we do and do not accept

We Will Accept:
*Fairly new/gently used clothing (needs to be washed or dry cleaned before they are dropped off)
*Winter clothing (coats, boots, gloves, scarves, and toques)
*Towels (clean and usable, without stains, rips, or other wear)
*Bedding (clean and usable, without stains, rips, or other wear)
*Household goods i.e. dishes, cutlery, cleaning items (must be clean and in good working condition)
*Accessories: (Belts, Wallets, Scarves and Hand bags)
*Small hand tools
*Small household appliances: i.e. Toaster, Toaster-Oven, Rice Cooker, Blender, etc. (must be in good working condition)
*Flat Screen TVs (in good working condition and not old TVs with tubes)
*Laptops (in good working condition and all files erased)
*Hygiene products i.e. Toothpaste and brushes, soaps, diapers, feminine hygiene products, etc. (must be in their original packaging and unopened)
*Cleaning products i.e. Dish soap, household cleaners, toilet bowl cleaner, etc. (must be in their original packaging and unopened)

We Won’t Accept:
*No furniture of any sort, including mattresses, we only accept pledges for matching, see below
*No personal hygiene products or open toiletries that the manufacturing packaging has been tampered with or damaged
*No sports & exercise equipment, including bikes or parts
*No books
*No food
*No parts of any equipment, furniture, or other items
*No CDs, records, stereos, speakers, or other musical items
*No old tube TVs, old desktop computers, or other old electronic equipment
*No unusual items i.e. figurines, art, busts, etc.
*No stained, ripped, wet, soiled clothing, and no used underwear
*No stained, ripped, wet, soiled mattresses
*No stained, ripped, wet or soiled pillows or duvets
*No stained, ripped, wet or soiled towels

Furniture Pledges

Furniture can be pledged with a photo of the item and we will decide if we can use it for matching. Make a pledge to: devang@endoftherainbow.ca

*No items of furniture that are stained, ripped, wet, soiled, or broken
*No items of furniture more than 6 feet tall or wide
*No sofas longer than 6 feet wide

To help you or your group plan for an arriving refugee, please download the following household inventory spreadsheet.