Calgary Rainbow Railroad Station

The Calgary’s Rainbow Railroad Station assists refugees, persecuted in their home countries due to being LGBTQ+, to settle in Calgary after they have been assisted by the Rainbow Railroad, UNHCR, or the Canadian Government to flee unsafe countries. We help to create sponsorship groups, find housing or shelter, food, clothing, language training, career development, and all the other things that you will need to get established in Calgary. We provide these supports using our volunteers and when we cannot provide volunteer support, then we can refer for professional settlement services to the Centre for Newcomers.

Thank you to our generous donors and partners, such as the Calgary and Area Affirming Network of Faith Communities. Without your generosity, this project would not be possible. We are pleased to be a part of the Canadian Rainbow Coalition for Refuge – please support all of the RC4R projects across Canada.

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Please support the project by donating to End of the Rainbow Foundation at: 

Or, Click here to apply to be a Volunteer

Thank you to our founding partners for making this project possible

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Thank you to our many private donors and supporters for helping to keep LGBTQ+ people safe

1. Formed with the generous support of Rainbow Railroad but we are not a satellite office of Rainbow Railroad. Its two HQ are in Toronto and New York and these office should be contacted to access their services.
2. For more information about a circle of support, it means to help refugees through a group of 5 volunteers, i.e. see: Groups of Five

We will do our best to support refugees through our many volunteers by:
3. Providing the necessities of life include food, shelter, and clothing;
4. Teaching new immigrants or refugees to speak English;
5. Providing training to new immigrants or refugees on how to find employment; and
6. Training to help new immigrants or refugees to settle in Canada.